About Us

We are a community of Christians gathered by God and directed by the Holy Spirit as we seek to grow in obedience, openness, compassion and faithfulness. Our mission is to worship God and to proclaim the gospel message of salvation and His love to the world around us, in word and deed. We strive to know the will of God through the study of scripture, the example of Jesus and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, in order to serve our Lord effectively in this world.

Our History

Fonthill Baptist Church was founded on the first Sunday of January 1846 under the leadership of elder Way who came from the village of Canborough, traveling on horseback along the road that still bears the name The Canboro Road. In its earliest days our church was known as The Baptist Church in the Short Hills. Our heritage is rooted deep in the historic principles of the Baptist Faith, and the rural environment, which still provides our context. In all our history we have continued to occupy this site in the centre of the village.

Our present building was erected in 1906 and added to on several occasions since. Many of the folk who call this congregation home can trace their heritage here back several generations. At the same time, there are many who have come more recently to be at home among us. Fonthill Baptist Church has a reputation of warm and generous hospitality, and is pleased to take its place in the broader inter-faith neighbourhood.

Fonthill Baptist Church is affiliated with the Niagara-Hamilton Association of Baptist Churches, the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, and Canadian Baptist Ministries. We are proud to be co-operaring with the Pelham Clergy Fellowship.